Steve Burton Confirms Y&R Entrance

On CBS's THE TALK, Steve Burton (ex-Jason, GH) confirmed that he is set to join Y&R in the new role of Dylan McAvoy, an army vet and architect who, said Burton, "is coming to town to see someone special" — most likely Jessica Collins's Avery, who is rumored to be the character's ex. Burton will first appear on January 29. "One reason [I signed with Y&R] was Jill Phelps, great respect for her," he added of his former GH boss, now Y&R's show runner. "We're in negotiations with James Franco [ex-Franco, GH] about a project we're developing for TV. I left originally to get to Nashville, get my family there, get my kids there, told my manager if I could leave my family there and come back and forth, [I would be open to another soap]. CBS made that deal. Less than a week ago, I was sitting on my porch," he marveled. "Now I'm on THE TALK!"