Quick Take With Thaao Penghlis

Credit: NBC

At the DiMera board meeting, Andre overhears Kate throw him under the bus. How does that affect Andre?

“This is a character that has had an interesting arc over the years, and now this one is totally different. I accompany that as being that this man has finally come to some resolve about his imbalance, struggles in the past and becoming whole again. He’s been working on that, and suddenly finding out that other people will not forget it. It’s so easy to blame Andre, especially with his past history. I’m trying to bring some humanness to the character and I think it’s painful for Andre, who thought he was finally winning, and then he’s thrown under the bus. It’s also hurtful, especially because it comes from Kate. This is a woman who he is living in the DiMera house with, and shared things. It makes him wonder, ‘Is everybody this way in life?’ ”

What do you think of the spin new Head Writer Ron Carlivati is putting on the character, having Andre potentially become suspicious of Kate’s motives?

“I think Ron gets the character. What’s coming down the road, I’m very excited by. I think suddenly there is fuel in the DiMeras, and I haven’t seen that in a while.”

Recruiting Theo into the DiMera business had Abe up in arms. Was that a calculated move made by Andre?

“No. I don’t think bringing Theo in was anything manipulative on Andre’s part. He has computer expertise, which no one else in the family has. It’s something that is better to keep in the family. I was excited about Theo coming into it as a character, because there are things Andre can also learn from this person.”
Let’s talk about the recent food fight between Andre and Kate. Abigail walked in and it seemed like there was a new dynamic at play between the three characters. “Yes [laughs], suddenly Andre and Kate became the children, and Abigail was the adult scolding them. People on social media asked if we had to do that scene in one take, and I answered that everything is done in one take. The food fight was something you couldn’t repeat. I’m seeing that people are loving the humor between Andre and Kate. I just did some scenes with Marci Miller [Abigail] the other day, and people came out of the booth and said, ‘Oh, my God, we couldn’t stop laughing.’ I’m cheeky anyway, so I like to stir the pot [laughs].”