Laura Wright: The Big Kiss-off

GENERAL HOSPITAL’s Jax is learning the hard way that there is a difference between his idea of talking something out and Carly’s idea of talking something out. Here, Laura Wright explains why Carly is hung up on her husband kissing Kate.

Soap Opera Weekly: I thought Jax covered this topic?
Laura Wright: Women don’t get over these things easily. Men are like, “We talked about it.” And women are like, “We need to talk about it more.” (Laughs.)

Weekly: What more is there to say? I mean, c’mon!
Wright: It’s hysterical.

Weekly: Because of the way the gender reactions are so different?
Wright: I think it’s true, at least the way Ingo [Rademacher, Jax] and I play it. We even [had] a scene where he was like, “I thought we had discussed this, and were past this.” And I’m like, “Well, I’m not past it. I still can’t get over the fact that you kissed Kate and you’re going to be seeing her all the time. What the heck is that?” I don’t [treat] it like a soap opera. I would be exactly the same way.

Weekly: If somebody’s going to be seeing somebody and working so closely with her…
Wright: It would be, like, “Say, ‘I quit’ or ‘goodbye,’ because you’re so freaking out of it, dude.” I’m not that far off from Carly in my reactions to stuff like that. (Laughs.)

Weekly: Well, Carly doesn’t want her husband working with someone he’s tempted by.
Wright: Hell, no!

Weekly: Especially considering the hours they work and the glamorous places they go.
Wright: The funny thing is, Ingo and I, and our director, when we were going through these scenes, we all couldn’t stop laughing, because we were, like, “Oh, my God, dude, you are so in the doghouse!” Ingo kept stumbling over his words, and at the end of the scene it was so real, because at one point he said, “I don’t know what to say!” And I’m like, “Exactly.”

Weekly: So you enjoyed having the big blowup scenes?
Wright: They’re so good. It’s a huge blowup and then she’s very upset. At the end, when he says, “I’m 100 percent committed to you. I’m 100 percent in love with you,” she throws her arms around his neck and tells him how much she loves him. But that’s just for today. I am sure that tomorrow, she’s going to be like, you know, “I’m mad again.” It’s so funny to talk about it, because nothing is calm in that woman’s life. But you know, when you’re happy and calm, you’re boring. So I’d rather be crazy.

Weekly: Crazy and working!
Wright: Crazy and working.