GL's Natalia: The Newest Cooper?

Pity poor Natalia on GUIDING LIGHT. She lost her love and her home, and now her son is AWOL with her dead husband’s ex-wife. Sound soapy? You bet, but all isn’t lost. While Harley is on the run with Rafe, Natalia’s been getting closer to the Cooper family, especially Frank. Could romance be in the air for the widow and her new confidant? Jessica Leccia shares details on her character’s new life and possible new love.

Soap Opera Weekly: A lot has happened to Natalia. How is she holding up?
Jessica Leccia: She’s very alone. She has nobody. She’s got no Gus and no Rafe. Everything is up in the air.

Weekly: How is she functioning now that Rafe, her only relative, is missing?
Leccia: Natalia is a fish out of water. She’s still depressed, because she has no idea what’s going on with Rafe. She tried to take a trip to see him, but it didn’t go so well.

Weekly: Speaking of family, how does Natalia end up spending so much time with the Coopers?
Leccia: They invite her to things. The Coopers are always poking Natalia to make sure she’s okay. They’ve been really great. They reached out and embraced Natalia and Rafe. That’s how you get to someone, by accepting [his or her] child. It’s a big deal.

Weekly: Frank seems to be the one Cooper who is giving Natalia a little extra attention.
Leccia: Sweet Frank! He’s Harley’s brother, so he and Natalia didn’t have the best history, but he’s been really nice to her.

Weekly: Nice enough for there to be a romantic connection in the future?
Leccia: Frank is just being super-supportive and understanding, but it is nice for Natalia to have that.

Weekly: Well, for now, Natalia is alone. Besides working at the Beacon and checking on Olivia, what is her focus?
Leccia: Natalia has to figure out what her life is all about. It will hinge on what happens with Rafe. As long as she has no say in what happens in his life and can’t take care of him, she’s always going to be in a state of limbo.

Weekly: Are you open to Natalia exploring a new love?
Leccia: That’s the natural course of things, but lately the show has been taking its time telling stories and dealing with relationships and past relationships. I personally feel as though Gus just died. He’s still very present in Natalia’s life. If a new relationship happens, it should be one of those really sweet surprising things that you don’t need. It should just happen. That would be nice. Something that’s in the works wouldn’t be interesting. It has to sneak up on you.