GH's Michael and Jason: Sharing the Burden

When Michael finally broke down and told Jason he had been raped in prison, it was a big, cathartic moment for the GENERAL HOSPITAL character. Steve Burton (Jason) and Chad Duell (Michael) unburden themselves about shooting the character-defining sequence.Soap Opera Weekly: Steve, was it difficult to shoot Michael’s confession?

Steve Burton: Very tough, yeah, for Chad and myself. They’re fun to do, but emotional stuff is hard to do.

Weekly: Did you have to shoot it a couple of times?

Burton: No. Chad and I got together on the weekend, and we worked on the stuff pretty good. Once [we were shooting], we did it, and that was pretty much it. It was a run of six or seven scenes in a row. We were really prepared, and we did our thing.

Weekly: Chad, how did it feel playing this scene? Had you been waiting to get to this moment with your character?

Chad Duell: You know, when I think about it [now], I don’t know if it was scary, like, “I hope I can get to where I need to get as an actor,” and stuff like that. But I was kind of thinking about it a lot, because [I found out] two weeks in advance [that the scene was coming up]. I was a little nervous, but the way it was written, it was really well-done. So you just put yourself in that situation [as an actor], and then bam! — things happen. I was thinking about it, and I was a little scared, but it all worked out.