GH's Laura Wright On Her Emmy Nomination

"Ron [Carlivati, GH’s head writer] texted me," says Laura Wright (Carly, GH), last year's Best Actress winner, of how she learned of her nod in that category this year. "I was already up getting my kids to school and I was like, 'Wow!' This nomination means almost more than last year, because I was like, 'Gosh, if I get nominated again, it means that last year wasn't a mistake or a fluke!'It means they really do like me, or like what I do.' " She's already received congrats from Michelle Stafford (Y&R's Phyllis) and her category mate Crystal Chappell (Danielle, B&B, nominated as DAYS’s Carly), among others, and is looking forward to this year's Lead Actress luncheon. "I guess I have to pay this year because I won last year!" she chuckles. "I think I have to organize it, in fact! I'll just get Crystal to help me [laughs]." She's equally delightedabout the show's 23 nominations overall. "We rock!" she trills. "I'm so proud and so happy. It was some really, really nice material that the GH people put forward."