Y&R November Preview

Head Writer/Co-Executive Producer Josh Griffith reveals what’s in store for Genoa City.

The Newmans: “Adam is on an emotional roller coaster and Victor will go to great lengths to help him. Victor’s attempts will be met with resistance from the rest of the family, and major interference from Victoria. Nikki will do her best to keep the peace as she loses patience with the havoc Adam is causing her family.”

Kevin/Chloe/Chelsea: “Kevin and Chloe will be in the middle of the drama thanks to their new roommate, Chelsea, who will find it difficult to move on from Adam despite her best intentions. We will soon learn that Chelsea is keeping a major secret from everyone in her life.”

Abby/Chance: “Abby makes a major decision about her future with Chance, surprising her family and even herself.”

The Abbotts: “ ‘Smiling’ Jack won’t be too happy when final wishes are challenged after the reading of Dina’s will. Jack, Traci and Ashley will band together to protect Dina’s legacy.”

Devon/Amanda/Nate/Elena: “Devon and Amanda’s bond will grow as he recovers from Elena and Nate’s betrayal and Amanda turns to Devon to help investigate her past. Elena will struggle to figure out her future and what life means without Devon, while Nate deals with the possibility that his career as a surgeon is over as a result of the indiscretion with Elena.”

Lily/Billy: “The residents of Genoa City will find themselves in the middle of a classic ‘Whodunit’ that will send shock- waves through town. Paul and Michael will lead the charge in unmasking the culprit. Billy and Lily’s budding romance will be challenged when Billy finds himself at the center of the story rather than covering it. Lily will step up to defend Billy and ChancComm’s reputation.”

Sally: “Sally Spectra arrives in Genoa City after leaving behind a troubled past in Los Angeles. Lauren will hire Sally to be her assistant at Fenmore’s, but we will soon learn that Sally came to Genoa City with her eye on a much bigger prize.”

Sharon/Rey: “Sharon and Rey will be distracted from planning their wedding when Rey is assigned to investigate the shocking Whodunit mystery, while Sharon and Nick will be troubled by Faith’s behavior. Nick and Phyllis’s relationship is tested when Phyllis takes matters into her own hands to help Faith. Mariah is suspicious of Faith’s new friend, Jordan, and will do her best to point Faith in the right direction.”

Kyle/Summer/Lola/Theo: “Kyle will have his work cut out for him as he tries to prove to Summer — and himself — that he is truly over Lola. We will also see Kyle and Theo’s rivalry reignite.”