Young And Restless Exposed!

1. What was the name of the publisher that put out Esprit de Corps magazine, for which Victoria did a centerfold?

  1. Two Hearts Publications
  2. Playgal Publications
  3. Heart & Soul Publications
  4. Genoa City Publications

2. Which month did Victoria represent in the spread?

  1. July
  2. August
  3. September
  4. October

3. Lauren submitted a revealing photo of Paul to which contest?

  1. Most Beautiful Husband
  2. Buff Bods
  3. Outstanding Professional Male
  4. Genoa City’s Finest Physiques

4. What was the name of the prostitute whom Jill’s brother Greg Foster dated?

  1. Lorie
  2. Gwen
  3. Liz
  4. Leslie

5. Which woman ran the prostitution ring that Chris Brooks was unwittingly dragged into?

  1. Rose Duval
  2. Rose DeVille
  3. Cruella de Vil
  4. Ursula Blackwell

6. Which man got Nikki involved in stripping?

  1. Johnny “Cash” Cashman
  2. Tommy “Slash” Cashman
  3. Jerry “Cash” Cashman
  4. Ronny “Rash” Cashman

7. Drucilla signed on to pose as the centerfold for which publication (before Jill destroyed the film)?

  1. Sensuality Magazine
  2. Esprit de Corps Magazine
  3. Ballet Babes Magazine
  4. Exposé Magazine

8. Name the hooker who dated Paul and died after taking a bullet meant for him:

  1. Candy Kane
  2. Cindy Lake
  3. Amber Waves
  4. April Stevens

9. Paul went undercover to expose which pimp:

  1. Tony DiSalvo
  2. Rick Daros
  3. Shawn Garrett
  4. Pete Walker

10. What was the name of the porno that was doctored to look as if Nikki were the star?

  1. Hot Lips
  2. Hot Hips
  3. Hot Blonde
  4. Hot Nik


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