Tuesday Take Five With Robert Scott Wilson (Ben, DAYS)

Days of our Lives   Season 48

Credit: NBC

What job would you be terrible at? “Probably a lot! I’d be terrible at being a parking enforcer; the meter maids here, they just ruin everybody’s day! Imagine going to work every day and being the guy that nobody wants to see. I’d just let everybody off and I’d give no tickets. I’d be out of a job.”

What is your dream car? “An all-blacked-out Ferrari would be nice.”

What is your least favorite household chore? “Laundry. You have to separate it, you have to put it in, you have to wait, you have to dry it, you have to fold it, you have to put it away. It’s just too much.”

What is your cocktail of choice? “Jalapeño margarita. Casamigos [tequila] is my favorite. If I’m drinking vodka, it would be a Moscow mule. Or an Old Fashioned.”

What is one of your favorite smells?“The fall back east. There’s something about the smell of fall and fresh air and the leaves falling.”


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