Tuesday Fast Five With Judi Evans

What is your favorite fall activity? “Well, since we don’t have seasons in California, I’m going to have to go off of living on the East Coast: apple picking and pumpkin picking. That’s just the best.”

What is a phrase you tend to over-use? “ ‘Riiiight?!?’ It’s from my Brooklyn days.”

What is the most daredevil thing you’ve ever done? “There are so many! My class was on a hiking trip and it was February in Arizona and the canyons we were walking through were full of snow water. The teacher jokingly said, ‘If you jump off this 30-foot cliff into the creek, you can have all A’s.’ It took about 20 minutes, but I ran off the top of that cliff and into that water. I ended up getting the worst case of mono a hospital had ever seen. But I did get all A’s.”

What is your favorite ice cream flavor? “Vanilla Swiss Almond.”

What is your adult beverage of choice? “A very dirty martini with lots of olives because I like a little snack with my drink.”