Tuesday Fast Five With Jennifer Gareis

What is something you miss about your home state of Pennsylvania? “How green it gets. The leaves changing color in fall. The people, of course! There’s a lot.”

What is a story you’d love to play on your soap? “I’d love to have [Donna’s brother] Stormy come back as a ghost. We’ve done that before, and it’d be great to have the whole family back together again.”

Who can always make you laugh? “Tamara Clatterbuck [ex-Alice, Y&R et al] She is just hysterical.”

What is something you do to relax? “Yoga.”

Do you remember about your first week on B&B? “I know what I was wearing. In the first week I was there, I did a striptease wearing lingerie from the Brooke’s Bedroom line. I was gyrating. I was like, ‘Welcome to B&B, baby!’ Boy, oh boy. I don’t know if I spoke a lot but I danced a lot. I pranced and danced, for sure. I couldn’t believe it.”