Tuesday Fast Five With Heather Tom

What is your favorite movie soundtrack? “I used to listen to Cinema Paradiso all the time. I just love that soundtrack.”

What do you do when you can’t sleep? “This happens a lot. I like noise. I can’t sleep in a quiet room, so I’ve got fans, and sometimes I’ll put on a podcast and just listen to it quietly so it just turns my brain off a bit.”

What’s a trend that makes you feel old? “Oh, boy, so many things. Mostly the stuff that makes me feel old is all of the athletic stuff that my son wants to do, and I’m like, ‘[Sighs] Sure, yeah, we’ll go for that.’ He’s a very active child.”

What online site do you visit most? “I wish I didn’t, but Amazon. I don’t buy clothes and shoes and all of those things anymore. Now, it’s more like, ‘Hmm. I need chargers to set that table or I need these plates.’ It’s pretty bad.”

When it comes to your career, what advice would you give to your younger self? “I would say, don’t be so concerned about taking risks. Jumping in with both feet is the best thing you can do, so don’t be so scared of doing those things.”