Tuesday Fast Five With Beth Maitland

What’s your surefire way to de-stress? “I go outside and play with my dogs! Air, sunshine, a little bit of moving around and I can think again.”

What was the last movie that made you laugh?Murder By Death. We were having a mystery throwback night and it totally holds up.”

What hobby/interest are you a little obsessed with? “Art quilting. I have been a long-term quilter with a working studio for years, but for fun and for me, I love to do art quilt journals, small bags and jewelry, and improvisational-piece smaller projects. So relaxing and satisfying to use scraps and bits to make something lovely.”

How organized are you? “Very. I’m a list maker. I’ve been known to make lists of the things I need lists about. It’s a flaw.”

What was your favorite birthday gift? “A much-sought-after and very fancy sewing machine. Tools to create are some of my favorite things.”