#TBT - Jason George

Getting To Know You: Jason George (Michael, SUNSET BEACH)

Many fans would like to be rescued by SUNSET BEACH lifeguard Michael, but what reels in actor Jason George?

Beach Or Pool: I’m a beach boy,
Women Or Girls: I’m looking for a fullgrown lady- not a work in progress.
Rosie Or Oprah. Oh, to be Stedman!
Tartar Control Or Whitening: In the ’90s, you can get it all in one tube.
Breast Or Leg: Breast … we are talking about chicken, right?
ER Or CHICAGO HOPE. ER. It’s the drama of everyday life. There was an episode of CHICAGO HOPE where someone dropped a heart during surgery.
Christmas Or New Year’s: New Year’s. You can pretend like the past year never happened.
Bert Or Ernie: Ernie. He laughed at everything. Bert was a grump with a pointy head.
Spicy Or Mild: Spicy. I like most things in extremes.
Natural Breasts Or Implants: I only like [California’s] Silicone Valley for computer software.
Silk Or Colton: When I wear silk, I have a big, stupid smile on my face.
Bath Or Shower: Shower. I’m usually on the run.
Rap Or Rock: There’s more of a raw edge to rap.
Salt Or Pepper: Salt. As a kid, I actually ate straight salt.
Basketball Or Football: Basketball is all about skill and teamwork at the same time.                                                                           Diet Or Regular: Regular. Let everyone else watch my figure.
Board Or Body Surf: Body- I’m a sensual kind of man who needs to feel the ocean on my body.
Elevator Or Stairs: Stairs. Elevators are too slow.
Six Million Dollar Man Or Bionic Woman: I wanted to be the Six Million Dollar Man as a child. I learned how to raise each eyebrow independently, just like Lee Majors.
Spearmint Or Peppermint: Spearmint. It’s all about wintery, fresh breath.
Call Or Write: Call. I’m too spontaneous for letters.
Marinaro Or Alfredo: Alfredo. I’m a thick sauce kind of guy.
Sunrise Or Sunset: Sunrises. They’re the perfect end to a perfect night.