Take Five With Darin Brooks (Wyatt, B&B)

What is your favorite game show? “I watched PRESS YOUR LUCK, the revamped version. It was really fun seeing that again because I vaguely remember it airing when I was a kid. They still have the Whammies, and it’s an homage to the old version of the show.”

What’s your favorite way to waste time? “I love my video games. I love Call of Duty. It’s my way to zone out and chill.”

Favorite rom-com? “It’s one of [wife] Kelly’s [Kruger, ex-Mac, Y&R] favorites, too: How To Lose A Guy in 10 Days is really fun.”

Guilty pleasure TV show? “It’s on in the other room because Kelly likes to watch it, but I’ve been known to sit for a second and watch because she won’t let me change the channel…. But sometimes you gotta keep up with those Kardashians, because you don’t know what they’re gonna do.”

What would you title your autobiography? “I would probably call it We’re Getting There. It’s multifaceted. There are a lot of things I want to do in this industry. I want to direct. I’m writing now and slowly but surely, we’re
going to get there.”