Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Lindsay Arnold

What do you remember most about your chemistry read? “I just remember it was really good energy. I left and I felt I had booked the role, which doesn’t happen that often.”

Did you celebrate after you found out you were hired? “I did. I went out and got drinks with all my friends in New York because I was leaving the next day.”

Who is the first person you met in the cast? “Rob Wilson [Ben], because I did my chemistry read with him. He was so sweet in my audition. When I got to the show, he congratulated me.”

Who showed you the ropes? “I think in the beginning, mostly Ari [Zucker, Nicole] and Greg [Vaughan, ex-Eric] because I had a lot of my scenes with them. They gave me all the behind-the-scenes scoop, and helpful tips that they’ve learned from working there over the years.”

Have you decorated your dressing room? “I got myself a blanket in case I want to rest in between takes, and I think I’m going to get a candle or some fairy lights to make it a little more homey.”

Has your family started watching the show? “Yes, my family records all of the episodes and they’re very supportive. My dad was saying that a lot of people were making jokes about Allie being pregnant. I think it was definitely weird for them to watch. When they saw the belly, they were like, ‘That is a really weird visual that we were not ready for.’ ”

Who are you dying to work with? “I haven’t gotten to work with Claire that much and I’m excited to have more scenes with Isabel. I think the one person I haven’t had any lines with is Rob and I would love to work with him also because he’s amazing.”