Soaps' Hottest Newcomers: Johnny Wactor

Did you do anything to celebrate when you landed the role? “Just over the phone with my agents and manager and then had a fun day with my girlfriend.”

Who was the first person you met in the cast? “The rock star Laura Wright [Carly].”

What stands out to you about your first day? “How fast production was shooting. Just moving at a blind- ing speed compared to what I’ve been accustomed to.”

When people ask you about your character, how do you describe Brando to them? “I just tell them my introduction to Port Charles: I come in guns-a-blazing with a leather jacket. That paints the picture for ’em.”

Brando’s running a garage now. How are you with cars? “I wouldn’t ever call myself a mechanic, but I’ve changed my brake pads, tires, oil…. Cars have so many electronic systems these days, that I don’t mess with anything beyond the basic stuff.”

What have been your favorite scenes thus far? “Oh, man, so many … the scenes with Carly and then Sonny interrogating me in the hospital stand out; those were some heavy scenes and my first day with a significant amount of lines. Gladys and me having some tough convos while in the hospital. The garage scene with Molly; that was fun and opened a can of worms. Beefing with Sam at my garage — fun to go back and forth with her. And the moment between Sonny and me at my garage talking about Mike.”

Who in the cast do you hope to get to work with more? “Katelyn MacMullen [Willow], Marc Samuel [Felix], Marcus Coloma [Nikolas], Chad Duell [Michael], William deVry [Julian], Nancy Lee Grahn [Alexis].”