Soap Superlatives!

Soap Superlatives

Episode # 7901

Credit: JPI

Stand-Out Scenes

B&B: Steffy’s re-entrance into Forrester was inspired, as was her condescending tone to Hope about Hope For The Future’s success. Go Steffy!

DAYS: Kudos to Marci Miller (Abigail) and Chad (Billy Flynn) for their excellent performances as Chad admitted he couldn’t handle his wife having Stefan’s child.

GH: The Nelle/Brad baby switch and Carly’s escape from Ferncliff yielded many great Port Charles moments, with particularly strong work by Chloe Lanier (Nelle), Chad Duell (Chad) and Laura Wright in Carly’s emotional reunion scenes with Josslyn. We also got misty from William deVry’s (Julian) performance as Julian watched his son, Lucas, realize that he was now a father, too.

Y&R: Devon’s fight with Lily was ugly, raw and painfully real. Though he hurled horrific accusations at his adoptive sister, we couldn’t help but feel for both Devon and Lily, who were faced with an impossible situation.

Things That Made Us Go Hmmm

B&B: We’re still not sold on this triangle between Emma, Xander and Zoe. They’re just kids, and there are no real stakes yet.

DAYS: Eric and Jennifer are sweet, but that proposal came too quickly. We have barely seen any romantic moments between the two since they got together in February!

GH: How did Obrecht manage to be the only person in the prison transport van to emerge from the crash neither bloodied nor unconscious?

Y&R: Considering Hilary died in a car accident, it seems like a poor choice of words for Neil to remind everyone that she was a “driving force” of GC BUZZ.

No Small Parts

Why are so many of our faves without story lately? DAYS could definitely use more Chloe and Lucas, B&B is barely utilizing Thorne and Maya, GH’s Ned has had little to do and Y&R’s Paul deserves more than just police work.

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