Soap Classics Releases Reva Shayne Collection

GUIDING LIGHT fans have another reason to love, which has announced the release of its newest collection of soap DVDs. The Reva Shayne Collection, which is currently on-sale now for $12.95, features one disc containing five classic episodes of GL featuring the beloved "Slut of Springfield" played by Emmy-winning actress Kim Zimmer. The episodes include Reva’s debut on November 28, 1983, the infamous "Slut of Springfield" fountain episode from July 31, 1985, Reva’s presumed death in 1990, "Like Mother, Like Son" from November 17, 2004 (Reva and Jonathan’s dip in the fountain) and "Reva and Josh 4-Ever", a special episode on the day of Josh and Reva's divorce on April 12, 2006. For more information, visit

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