Quick Take With Victoria Konefal

What have you been enjoying most about playing Ciara’s pregnancy? “Ciara’s never really had a chance to be maternal and seriously adult. I feel like once you become a mom or are a mom-to-be, your mentality and the way you treat the world kind of shifts. You start seeing things in a way of, ‘Would this be good for my baby?’ It’s very fun to get to play Ciara in a very mature capacity, which I hadn’t gotten to do before.”

Of course, with a pregnancy plot comes having to wear pregnancy padding. What has that been like? “Oh, that’s so much fun [laughs]. Realistically, I’m wearing this unitard with a pillow stuffed in the front. Because of the pillow, it really rides up my backside. So I’m constantly walking around in a terribly uncomfortable wedgie.”

Have there been any special moments that have stood out for you during this storyline? “When we found out she was pregnant at the Brady pub. Rob [Scott Wilson, Ben] and I actually teared up together by the end of that [scene]. Those scenes were really sweet, the announcing of the pregnancy.”

It looks like Ciara’s style has really changed throughout this plot. Would you agree? “Yes. Richard [Bloore, costume designer] started noticing what my style is and what I walked into the studio in. He realized that I liked lots of black, lots of leather and lots of edgier pieces. So he started implementing that into Ciara’s wardrobe a while ago. In terms of Ciara’s pregnancy, we did speak a bit about having her dress more on the girly side, just because she feels more in tune with her femininity and motherhood. We started having her in dresses and adding pops of color here and there. In terms of the pieces, Richard started shopping in the maternity section, all the while keeping Ciara very stylish, which we love him for. So Ciara is wearing her maternity clothing, but she’s looking dang good doing it. I trust Richard fully. I walk in every day, he hands me some options, and I choose my favorite.”

Ciara is set to give birth this week; were you nervous about filming the actual birthing scenes? “No, because I had done something similar beforehand on the show. It was during one of Ben’s daydreams or one of his dreams when Ciara was missing. Ciara was giving birth, and they named the baby Bo. It was a big thing. That was the first time I was introduced to giving birth on daytime. I was nervous then. Now I’m kind of okay with it. I’ve already dipped my toe in the water.”

Did you get advice from anyone, like a co-star who’s already given birth on- and/or off-screen, before doing those fantasy scenes? “I talked to Janet [Spellman-Drucker, producer] and Albert [Alarr, co-executive producer]. They talked me through it. Told me what they were expecting in the scenes. Then I delivered the best I could. No pun intended!”