Meet GH’s New Mystery Woman, Daya Vaidya

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Daya Vaidya hit the Port Charles scene yesterday as Martina, a mystery woman who gets entangled with Sonny when they meet at The Haunted Star. “I really didn’t know that I’d enjoy myself this much,” the newcomer enthuses of her life on set thus far. “It’s really been great.”

She’s never appeared on a soap before, but had auditioned for GH years ago. “When I went in for this, it was just the right role,” she says. “I read it and went, ‘Oh, yeah, I can do this. This is me.’ I don’t mean that the character is me; it was just that it was a character I could get really excited about playing. She’s a strong, high-powered, force-of-nature type of woman, a woman who’s a force to be reckoned with.”

The actress, who grew up watching Y&R, has a very personal soap connection: Brianna Brown (ex-Lisa, GH) is one of her best friends. “I called her up and said, ‘Hey, give me some pointers!’ She told me that there would be a lot to memorize, and she also said, ‘You can have fun with it, you can take risks.’ It was great advice. After my first day, I came home and told my husband, ‘It was amazing! I loved it!’ I thought because it shoots so fast, that I wouldn’t find the work fulfilling. But it was just the opposite. I really had to dig in and be focused, and I really enjoyed it. And the actors I’m working with are bad-ass!”

With three young children at home, Vaidya is digging the L.A.-based gig. “Everything I was getting was shooting away, and it’s hard to be away when your kids are little like that,” she notes. “With my schedule at GENERAL HOSPITAL, I can have dinner with my family. When I went home after my first day of work, my kids were excited because they’re used to, ‘When Mommy works, she doesn’t come back for 18 hours.’ They all screamed, like, ‘You’re home!’ It was really cute.”

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