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My Look With Laur Allen

Credit: JPI

What fashion item is currently on your must-have list?

“I’m loving the flowy and feminine dresses that I’ve been seeing on women as summer gets underway. The patterns and colors of this season are gorgeous, so I need to find one that I can dress up with heels or down with sneakers. It’s the easiest summer outfit for any occasion.”

What’s your favorite wardrobe item in your closet?

“Though I love a good ‘little black dress’, my heart is where the comfort is. So, it’s a tie between my many pairs of Converse sneakers and anything I own that has thumbholes.”

What’s the last great purchase you made?

“I love to travel and I bought this simple Nike sports bag that is not only the perfect-sized duffle to pack for any trip, but is also incredibly comfortable and compact to haul around because it turns into a backpack! I know this isn’t a very glamorous answer, but I get so excited talking about it, so I had to share. It has changed my travel game.”
What trend are you incorporating into your wardrobe? “I’m probably late to this party, but I just discovered bomber jackets and now I’m obsessed. They go with everything!”

What new product are you using that you love?

“I’m a skin-care nerd, so I have two. One is Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate and the other is Mario Badescu’s Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs And Rose Water.”

How do you pamper yourself?

“I frequent a local business called Le Spa by Sophie for facials and deep tissue massages. Sophie and her husband run the place with a lot of love and care! Plus, they serve macaroons and tea after each treatment, so I get pampered from head to toes to tummy.”

What’s your go-to drugstore buy?

“I keep Aquaphor on me at all times. It’s extremely multipurpose. But most often, I use it as a moisturizer for my lips and hands. It’s magical.”

Whose style inspires you?

“I’ve always been inspired by Lauren Bacall as an actress and as a style icon. She looked stunning in everything she wore. Even if the outfit itself was simple, she always exuded the perfect fusion of grace and strength. She had a fierceness to her femininity and above all, always kept it classy.”