Kathleen Gati (Liesl, GH) weighs in on her personal preferences

Netflix Or Cable? “Cable, although we recently joined Netflix and are still taking baby steps! It’s like going to a shoe store and having to select just a few. Oh, my! Where to even start!?!”

Sitcom Or Drama? “I always prefer to laugh, but don’t have the same sense of humor as many of the sitcoms. Usually watch reruns of FRASIER every night before bed. It’s genius! The hysterically brilliant writing and acting never get old.”

Jimmy Kimmel Or Jimmy Fallon? “Kimmel’s humor is fabulous! But Fallon is also great.”

Hip-Hop Or Rock And Roll? “Rock and roll — or better yet, disco!”

Instagram Or Twitter? “Twitter I’m fairly adept at. I still need some proper Instagram training!”

Soda Or Juice? “New fave thing is grapefruit-flavored soda water. Yum!”

Baseball Or Basketball? “Neither. Hubby watches Formula 1 and NASCAR while I cook.”

Book Or Magazine? “Magazine, but I can never put down a good book.”

Save Or Splurge? “Mostly save. Then splurge when necessary.”

Pool Or Ocean? “In a pool looking at the ocean!”

Plan Ahead Or Be Spontaneous? “Spontaneous.”

Early Bird Or Night Owl? “As much as I dislike worms, early bird.”

Shop Online Or Shop In Stores? “Online only.”

William And Kate Or Harry And Meghan? “Harry and Meghan.”

Khloé Or Kim? “Neither. Sorry.”

New Or Vintage? “New.”

Store-Bought Or Homemade? “Food, homemade. Furniture, equipment, cars, store-bought.”

Vacation Or Staycation? “Right now staycation, otherwise vacation! (Splurge!)”

Salty Or Sweet? “Depends on my mood!”

Mild Or Spicy? “Mildly spicy.”

Music Or Podcast? “Music.”

Movie Or Museum? “Movie.”