Jonathan Jackson On A Possible GH Comeback

Jonathan Jackson, who played Lucky Spencer on GH from 1993-99 and 2009-11, then popped up for a short 2015 reprisal to help on-screen father Anthony Geary conclude his run as Luke, addressed the possibility of a return to the show as a guest on Digest’s podcast, Dishing With Digest.

“When I left in 1999, I always had it in my mind to come back, you know, periodically,” the actor shared. “So I’m always open to that. I’ve never really been of the mentality of closing that door.” However, in 2020, Jackson moved to Ireland with his wife, Lisa Vultaggio (ex- Hannah), and their three children, who range in age from 10 to 17. “It’s been quite an adventure, really, because we had things set in motion before Covid restrictions — well, before Covid even was on our radar. We still went through with it and it’s had its challenges, but we love it.” He noted, “Logistically, it certainly becomes more difficult to figure out [coming back to GH], not only living in Ireland but on top of that, with the travel restrictions and those complications, it makes it very difficult. But it is a strange thing that Lucky left to [go to] Ireland [upon his 2011 departure] and that I’ve ended up living here! I don’t know if maybe that means something, but maybe it’s this whole Method acting thing. I’m getting into character. I come back and say, ‘Yes, I’ve just come from Ireland!’ ”

Jackson appreciates that fans are still so invested in Lucky and root for his return. “It’s amazing,” he marveled, calling it a “unique thing about being a part of a show like GENERAL HOSPITAL and the legacy of Luke and Laura. I relate that to the blessing and fortune for me to be a part of a legacy like that. The fans have such a deep love for these characters…. It still amazes me, to be honest.” The show, he said, “is always going to be a huge part of my life. I always look at GH with such gratitude and love for all the people who work there, on screen and off screen, and am thankful to the fans for their incredible support over the years.”

Currently, Jackson is focused on a book he has authored, The Harrowing of Hell, which was inspired by Beowulf and explores Christ’s descent into hell, and which he described as “an epic poem; because these are very mystical events, there’s no way to really know what happened or what it means, fully, in a literal sense, but going at it from a place of poetry really opens something up creatively.” Through May 2, he is raising funds for original illustrations and the first printing of the book; visit for more information and to donate to the Indiegogo campaign.