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ICYMI: Ivan G'Vera Back To DAYS

Ivan G’Vera, who played Vivian’s trusted manservant, Ivan, from 1991-2000, and again in 2011, is back this week, armed with shocking info for her. For the actor, the return to Salem after nearly a decade was unexpected. “I don’t know why they brought us back now, but it’s always fun to go do a show,” he says. “DAYS OF OUR LIVES certainly is a great show to us and it’s great to go back. I saw my favorite people. I mean, Melissa Reeves [Jennifer] was there and Jim [Reynolds, Abe]. Even Deidre Hall [Marlena] said hi to me, which was sweet. It’s always great to see Drake [Hogestyn, John]. What a great spirit that man has. I always like to see him. He does remember me. He’s got a very good memory.”

G’Vera contacted Louise Sorel (Vivian) after he got the call to return. “I said, ‘Let’s go back and cause a little havoc on the show and have some fun and dress up. I like that.’ ” The actor reports that he and Sorel have stayed in touch over the years. “I do like to connect with her once in a while and see how she’s doing. She checked on me just recently about coronavirus. I love Louise. She was great to work with.”

Finding their work rhythm again didn’t present a problem. “We have such a relationship that we can jump right back into it,” he notes. “It’s not a struggle. I don’t know if it looked easy. I haven’t done soaps in a while, but it certainly felt easy. Although it goes very fast now. It seems stressful.”

G’Vera, who now lives on a ranch in New Mexico, has kept busy since his last Salem visit. “I’ve been doing a lot of TV shows in Europe,” he relays. “I’ve been doing Amazon, Netflix and different things, mostly for foreign markets. There are a lot of things in Europe. It’s possible to get very decent parts on shows that they shoot there. And then I worked a little bit here on DAYS OF OUR LIVES now. Maybe they’ll call me again!”

G’Vera has an idea about how the show could utilize his alter ego. “We had some scenes with Kate. I always thought that if Louise doesn’t want to play, then maybe she’d hook me up with Kate. I told [Lauren Koslow, Kate] that I would like to come back and start some trouble with her. She said she needs it.”

Ultimately, G’Vera was just happy to be asked back. “I really enjoyed a bunch of the new actors on there,” he says. “It’s a different, fast kind of show and these guys are working professionals. I had fun playing that character. I wish I would see him again sometimes because all the dressing up and playing and causing havoc and being thrown in jail and play gypsy and this and that, it was fun, for sure.”