Gina Tognoni (Kelly, OLTL) on Cancellation

"It makes my heart sad and I am at a loss for the words to describe how I feel when I think about the cancellation of ONE LIFE and ALL MY CHILDREN," Tognoni said. "Over this past year I have met so many faces at events and countless loving and honest comments on Facebook and Twitter. I know without a doubt that these shows were special to you all. They entertained you, they got your minds off of whatever may be worrying you that day and got you laughing or crying instead — all in the same hour. I will miss working with a team of actors, directors, producers, cameras, makeup, wardrobe, hair, lighting, sound and every great effort that was made to keep this show going. This is a change in television culture; I believe that is why this is all so significant. I will miss the process and the fans. I LOVE YOU and loved doing it for you, with all my heart."