GH’s Nicholas Chavez Gets CRUSHED

Last year, Nicholas Chavez made his television debut as GH’s Spencer Cassadine. Now, fans can see him slip into a very different character: college kid Jason Curtis on CRUSHED, a coming-of-age comedy that premiered on the streaming series Tubi on April 1. Chavez describes the show’s concept as “a bunch of ridiculous people and characters all coming together for the most fun spring break trip that you’ve ever seen. And the best place to watch it is, of course, on the free streaming platform Tubi, on your iPhone, your iPad, your web browser.”

Chavez’s role, Jason, is that of as “an overhyped d-bag,” he chuckles — and his performance was inspired in part by some timely observation he did of similar young men. “Honestly, I was visiting my girlfriend, who is in her senior year at college, and there are guys at college campuses who genuinely behave like this, just ridiculous people who are not very nice to others and always look for what kind of value they can extract from others. I tried to channel some of the people I’ve seen walking around while visiting her!” Going into the project, “I felt more confident than I would have had I not been doing GH. But it was still a unique experience in that I was on location. I mean, any time you’re working with a new crew, new cast, it kind of jars your system a bit and you have to acclimate. But I was far less green than I would have been had I not started doing GH!”

The filming experience “was different in every way” from how he’s accustomed to shooting at GH. “Number one, you’re dealing predominantly with comedy, and then you’re also shooting on location, which is very different from GH, because we have a big, beautiful building with sets inside of it. Also, we were filming many of the scenes at nighttime, so I was having to deal with different energy bandwidths throughout the project; I was filming GH during the day and then I would go shoot this at night. It would be 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. shooting CRUSHED, then 7 a.m. to noon doing GH and then I’d try to get some sleep. I tried to manage my energy reserves as diligently as possible, but also, I had some good friends to call on who were willing, if I was too tired, to drive me to and from sets so that I could partially sleep in the car on my way over and get an extra hour.”

He appreciated the chance to flex his comedic chops. Chavez muses, “I think it’s nice to remind yourself not to take yourself seriously, to do things that are outrageous that we don’t really have the permission to do in our normal, day-to-day lives and just feel free to be open and expressive and remind yourself and everyone else that there is more to life than the serious problems that we all have to deal with. Life is also really fun and ridiculous at times.”


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