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GH February Preview

Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten says, “By the time the month has concluded, several stories will have been explored and be sending many characters across the canvas in new directions.” Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor adds, “By the end of February, everything will have changed in Port Charles.”

Sonny’s New Life: “Sonny may not have his memory, but the characteristics that we know and love of this man have survived his becoming this new person, ‘Mike’, and there are questions and mysteries about who this man is. There will also be a health crisis that ‘Mike’ faces that is connected to Sonny’s history with mental illness.”

Carly: “Carly and her family lay Sonny to rest — but his funeral proves to be anything but restful.”

Jason: “Jason is not going to sit idly by as Cyrus tries to take advantage of the vacuum left by Sonny’s death, but another character places a target on him that may prevent him from stepping up to take charge during Sonny’s absence.”

Sam: “Sam is figuring out what her life, her career and her family look like without Jason in it. Will her heart open to somebody else? And how will she feel if Jason’s heart opens to someone else?”

The Double Wedding: “The double wedding may mean double trouble for our two pairs of star-crossed lovers,” Finn and Anna, and Peter and Maxie. Before the ceremony, “Maxie will go to Nathan’s grave, hoping that his spirit can give her the one thing she is not getting from her loved ones, which is the blessing for her union with Peter. But this journey may also force her to question some things about who Peter really is.” Also, “The fallout from the double wedding will have lasting effects on Jackie and Gregory’s relationship, and their relationship with Chase.”

Robert: “Scorpio, like others on the canvas who believe that Peter is the face of evil, may find himself drawn even deeper into Peter’s web.”

Laura: “As Laura learns more about Cyrus’s nefarious plans for the hospital, she enlists her mother, Lesley, in helping to prevent the worst from happening.”

Elizabeth/Franco: “Liz and Franco are united as they battle Franco’s cancer and they work to uncover the mystery of the symptoms he’s experiencing. Elizabeth is furious about the deal between Franco and Jason, and she lets Jason know. Franco will need his father more than ever as his health crisis deepens.”

Nina/Jax: “Jax’s decision to keep the truth about Nina’s baby from her may come back to haunt him in a very public way.”

Nikolas/Ava: “Nikolas and Ava decide to take steps to cement the new status of their relationship, but there are forces lurking in the background that do not want these two to live happily ever after.”

Valentin: “Valentin is in for a dismaying wake-up call that will alter his course going forward in Port Charles.”

Olivia/Ned: With the truth about his infidelity out in the open, “Ned and Olivia’s marriage hangs in the balance. Ned has a lot of work to do. A big question will be, does Olivia think it’s worth salvaging?” On another front, “Clouds are appearing on the horizon for the Quartermaine family.”

Alexis: “Alexis is quickly approaching her breaking point, which may prove to have lasting consequences across the canvas.”

Dante: “Dante and Sam prove to be allies in the quest to unmask Peter for the villain that he really is. Unfortunately, Dante’s strings are still being pulled by Obrecht, which may have some unintended consequences.”

Obrecht/Scott: “Obrecht stands tantalizingly close to what she has desired for years, which is Peter’s ultimate comeuppance. Peter may prove to be an even more capable villain than Obrecht expects. Scott and Obrecht have been thrown together by circumstances and they may discover they have more in common than they thought.”

Cyrus: “Cyrus is pushed into a position that he is not accustomed to, which is not getting what he wants. He will stop at nothing to reunite with the mother whose approval means so much to him. To what lengths will he go to make the family that he so longs for?”

Britt: “Britt and Jason will continue to butt heads while putting their heads together to take Cyrus down, and Britt has a mysterious medical condition that may rear its head in the months to come.”

Jordan/Curtis/Taggert/Portia: “Jordan continues to conspire with Taggert to find the best way to keep him and Trina safe from Cyrus. At the same time, Curtis turns to Portia for friendship as his relationship with Jordan is on the rocks.”

Michael/Willow/Chase/Sasha: “Michael and Sasha, and Chase and Willow, are attempting to repair their relationships, but picking up where they left off might prove more difficult than either couple expected.”

The Teens: “Cameron and Josslyn struggle to support Trina as she grapples with the extent of her father’s subterfuge. A shocking event turns Cameron’s life upside down.”

Brando: “Brando is walking a high wire as he tries to satisfy his employer’s [Cyrus] demands while not betraying the Corinthos family that he has grown to love and care for.”

TJ/Molly: “Is this couple still committed to having their commitment ceremony? That question will be definitively answered this February.”

Brad/Lucas/Felix: “Lucas and Felix’s friendship continues to grow, which raises many red flags for Brad.”

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