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Getting the Goode-s on Jade

Soap Opera Weekly: What did you do before this?
Elena Goode I was in college and going on auditions. I went to FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology), doing something totally different. I still work with one girl who I was doing a line of bags and jewelry with. It’s been totally worth it. It allowed me to do [acting], which is my primary focus. I grew up in New York City and I chose to stay here for college because I wanted to be able to go on as many auditions as possible. I did a bunch of commercials, and this is my first [big role].

Weekly: What do you think of Jade?
Goode: I can’t help but adore the character. She wants something that everybody wants. A lot of people don’t have the best family background, whatever that means for them. I think a lot of people can relate to the idea of wanting to have a mom, dad, brother, little sisters. It’s an ideal. Obviously that is not reality, but to her it’s like this dream that she wants to be a part of because she never experienced it. I think that is really endearing. And, lying aside, I think that is something anybody can relate to. I like that she is motivated by a genuine desire, even if she’s not being honest.

Weekly: What other acting projects have you done?
Goode: I did a couple of little spots on ALL MY CHILDREN about three years ago. One of the main characters went to a club and overdosed, and I was their friend who was screaming and crying. I also had a scene with John Leguizamo in the movie he directed, Undefeated. That was amazing, because I’m Puerto Rican and grew up watching him, so to be sitting with him was really cool.

Weekly: Who do you hang out with on the set?
Goode: Van Hansis, Luke) and I get along so well. We goof around and have a similar sense of humor. I just started talking with Jen (Landon, Gwen), Jesse Soffer, Will), Zach (Roerig, Casey) and Alex Chando, Maddie) and they are all really down-to-earth and genuine.

Weekly: How do you like working with Martha Byrne (Lily) and Jon Hensley (Holden)?
Goode: It’s crazy, because they are legends. I remember my first day, my heart was beating really fast and I was breathing really fast and I would watch them go in and out of character so quick. I was like, “How the hell am I going to keep up the pace that maintains their work schedule?” They are here to get in and out and deliver, so that was a challenge, to leave the nerves at the door and come in prepared. But watching them has helped.

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