Getting Crabby With Patrick Duffy

He was the MAN FROM ATLANTIS and DALLAS’ Bobby Ewing, and now Patrick Duffy (Stephen, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL) is mighty crabby…thanks to his hit Web series, PATRICK DUFFY AND THE CRAB! The veteran actor talks about how the hilarious project is “Leisure” time.Soap Opera Weekly: So, are we going to see more of your hilarious adventures with The Crab?

Patrick Duffy: Absolutely! My son [Conor] and his wife [Emily Cutler] are writing the second season, and we’re going to film a second season of the Web series. I think it’s only eight or nine episodes, but the plan is to expand it a bit and maybe get off the couch — which is where we tend to be most of the time — to explore this relationship between Patrick and The Crab and their group of Hollywood friends.

Weekly: That would be great. Take The Crab on the road! The Webisodes are so much fun. Were you surprised that they took off like they did?

Duffy: Yeah. I just had no idea, because I’m 61 years old and so out of the loop when it comes to the day-to-day instant development of the media now, that when my son came to me with, “I want to do this thing with you and The Crab,” I thought, “I just have to trust him, because I have no idea if this is a good thing or whether I’m committing [professional] suicide.” And he said, “No, you’ve gotta do this; this is good.” [He and] his wife — she’s a writer/producer on COMMUNITY — they write, produce and direct these things. And I’ve had the most fun! And more people like you come up to me and are asking that very same question: “Are there more? When are we gonna see more?” So I’m just along for the ride, and grateful that I have young people telling me what’s the right thing to do [laughs].

Weekly: You just have to watch out for The Crab. He could get in a contract dispute and refuse to re-sign for the second season.

Duffy: [laughs] You know, there’s a lot of other puppets out there — a lot of out-of-work puppets. Although he does do a lot of dinner theater, so I have to be careful. The voice of The Crab is David Leisure (Charles, DAYS OF OUR LIVES), who was Joe Isuzu and on EMPTY NEST. He’s another one, just like Alley Mills (Pam, B&B), who been a friend of mine for almost 30 years. So here we are, working together under these totally [different] circumstances. We never would have guessed! Both Alley and I, [when Stephen and Pam] were in bed together, that’s what we were talking about: “Twenty-five years ago, did you ever think we were gonna be in bed together?” “Good God, no! You’re my friend. I never once thought about it!” And then, I never thought David Leisure would be under my couch with his hand up a crab’s butt, either [laughs]. So you know it’s just one of those weird things.

Weekly: And all three of you are on soaps. It’s amazing where people end up!

Duffy: It’s wonderful, yeah, and it just feels right. I talk to David almost every day; he loves working on DAYS, and I love working on B&B. It’s my style of work: I like working fast, I like having a lot to do and being forced to do the best job you can the first time, because you don’t get a second time. All of that just fits my personality, so as long as Brad Bell (head writer/executive producer) has a synapse problem and continues to hire me, I’ll be there [laughs]!

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