Genie Francis On Emmy Nom

"I was so surprised. I couldn't believe it," marvels Supporting Actress nominee Genie Francis (Genevieve, Y&R), who won in the same category in 2007 as GH's Laura. "I just feel like I’ve had tremendous good fortune with this new show and I’m thrilled to be part of it." She reports that the show's Executive Producer/Head Writer Maria Arena Bell called her with the news. "I was already awake because we get up very early here. The kids go to school, so we were all up. I got the call and it was a really nice surprise. I really did not expect it." As for whether or not the show will find a network home, Francis opines, "I hope it gets televised in some way, just for the sake of the medium. Nevertheless, it will still be exciting. I've only been with this show for a year, so I'm thrilled that we managed to put together some nice work that people are enjoying."