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Episode # 12597

Credit: Steve Burton "General Hospital" Set The Prospect Studios ABC Studios Los Angeles 06/12/12 ©Howard Wise/ 310-657-9661 Episode # 12597 U.S.Airdate 07/10/12

“Fall on GENERAL HOSPITAL is going to be a bag of treats,” grins Co-Head Writer Shelly Altman. “We have drama, romance, exciting returns, danger and thrills. You can’t afford to miss a day.”

Steve Burton’s Return: “His return will affect almost everybody on the canvas in one way or another. Where he has been and what he has done and what he has been through and who he actually is will be the questions that need answering and the answers will surprise many people. It will affect people whose relationships with Jason have changed as Jason has recovered his memories over these past few years. There will be surprising connections between this man with Jason’s face and characters who would not have known him with that face.”

Sam/Jason: “As Sam and Jason pursue their new life, we will see that affect Sonny and Carly and the friendship among the four. And clearly, a man with the face that Jason once wore will affect Jason and Sam.”

Sonny/Carly: “Sonny has found, after Jason’s shooting, that extricating himself from the mob is not as simple as he thought. But with Carly by his side, they forge their partnership to move forward together. There are challenges that they face with their individual daughters in the fall, Josslyn and Kristina, as each of the young women pursues romance.”

Liz/Franco: “Franco is on a journey of self-discovery that takes him in a very surprising and possibly terrifying direction. He loves this woman as he has never loved before, but will this exploration into his past bring up demons that will affect their relationship?”

Alexis/Julian: “Alexis tries to shake off her feelings for Julian and finds it difficult, but upon the urging of Sam, she decides to put her toe back into the waters of dating. We are, of course, pleased that Julian will be returning over the fall, and we are gearing up for his re-entry.”

Anna/Finn: “Anna’s pursuit of justice and stopping crime on a major scale leads her to an unusual partnership with Hamilton Finn. He’s been pursuing Hayden to try to at least talk to her and he gets a very surprising response.”

Nina/Valentin: “They are back together and Nina has reason to feel confident that she knows all she needs to know about her husband. Anna’s investigation into what appears to be something else threatens to stir up Valentin and Nina’s relationship once again. Valentin’s association with Ava continues with potentially life-altering effects for both of them.”

Ava/Griffin: “Ava is in a very lonely place. Griffin, who is in the business of seeing good and saving souls, seems to touch her in a way no one else does, and seems to see something in her that no one else does. We will explore the direction in which that friendship goes.”

Laura/Kevin: “Laura comes back from helping Spencer return to school to find that Spencer’s civil suit against Valentin is not as straightforward as she had hoped. Kevin helps her through the challenges and we will play heavily into their romance.”

Nelle/Michael: “These young lovers face obstacles, particularly in the form of Bobbie and Carly. We continue to raise the question, ‘Is Nelle the victimized but good-hearted young woman that Michael sees, or is there a much darker side and are Carly and Bobbie’s suspicions well-placed?’ ”

Maxie/Nathan/Amy: “Maxie is actively trying to get her job back at Crimson and struggling with her husband’s new identity. As the publishing party for the ‘Man Landers’ book [approaches], Maxie comes up with a plan that she hopes will help everybody. But this is Maxie’s plan; that’s all I can say [laughs].”

Dante/Lulu: “The question of Charlotte’s custody will be settled. No matter how it is settled, Lulu will remain troubled that her child’s father is a man who killed her own brother.”

Jordan/Curtis/Stella: “Stella remains anti-Curtis and Jordan, even as they try to remain strong as a couple. They hope that a new pursuit of Stella’s will help her find something to occupy her time other than their relationship.”

Kristina/Parker/Valerie: “Parker’s residence in Port Charles forces Kristina to make a decision about who she is and what she wants. Her friendship with Valerie will grow.”

Andre: “Andre will play a very important role in Franco’s story and we will find that he may have connections to other people.”

Ned/Olivia: “Olivia continues to try to find her place in the Quartermaine household and at the same time, Ned will be trying to find his place back in the Quartermaine family in the form of his role at ELQ. As a former CEO, he and Michael might not always see things the same way.”

Josslyn/Oscar: “We want to tell an honest story about young people and their first experience with romance and love, and they will face certain challenges that typical teenagers face. And we will continue to wonder if there is more that we need to know about Oscar as Josslyn gets more deeply involved with him.”

Kiki/Dillon: “Kiki’s work and study schedule will challenge their relationship, but they are in love and they will find time to steal with each other. We will see if it turns out to be enough time.” As for her mentor, “There may be some romance for Dr. Bensch.”

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