Tomorrow marks the 51st anniversary of GH, and one of the gifts to the audience will be the returns of Sarah Brown (ex-Carly; ex-Claudia) and Tamara Braun (ex-Carly). "We like to try and take advantage of the history of the show, and in honoring the history of the show, we not only honor the characters, but the actors," explains Executive Producer Frank Valentini. "We have come up with a fun way for the audience to get a chance to see Sarah and Tamara again." Valentini has high praise for the Emmy-winning duo. "I had never worked with either one of them before. They are truly spectacular. They are unbelievably professional, and really fun. It was really exciting and interesting for me to see them come back to the set and be embraced by the cast and crew the way they were. They were so loved, and there were a lot of tears and laughter and hugging. It was a great day." As far as the episode itself, and how it compares to last year's 50th celebration, the exec days, "We’re trying to make sure we mine the entire field of rich history that is GENERAL HOSPITAL as opposed to repeating some of things we’ve done. Instead of competing with ourselves, we didn’t want to repeat ourselves. The anniversary episode is really, really special, and there are many, many fun surprises for the audience and many nostalgic moments for them to enjoy."