Exclusive Details: The GH Killer Speaks!

Richard Burgi

Credit: JPI

On Monday’s episode of GH, Richard Burgi’s Paul Hornsby was revealed to be the Derisifol killer who has been racking up a list of victims inside the hospital walls, some fatal (we hardly knew ye, figurine-loving Mrs. Prescott), some not (lucky break, Lucas!). “I just found out kind of recently, myself,” says Burgi, who was pulled aside on-set by Executive Producer Frank Valentini a few weeks back and informed of what Paul has been up to off-camera. “I have no idea where this is going, if this is the Dead Man Walking part of Paul’s life [laughs]. All I know is that when I read it, it’s kind of fun!” The actor feels that the twist is consistent with Paul’s, well, inconsistency. “I’ve always considered the character very multifaceted and complex, tortured by his choices, the difficulties of his past, and also sanguine and optimistic about life in general,” he notes. “I think I have always attempted to make Paul somewhat schizophrenic, different with different people.” Now that the audience knows the truth, the cops are one step behind them — and time is of the essence. According to Co-Head Writers Shelly Altman and Jean Passanante, Paul “has a very specific agenda and there is a bit of a time clock [on] completing this agenda.” For more with Burgi, check out the next issue of Soap Opera Digest, on sale Friday.