DAYS: Woe, Bo and Hope

Despite their supercouple status, DAYS OF OUR LIVES’s Bo and Hope have endured numerous problems that have tested their relationship. With their marriage currently on the rocks — Hope flipped out at Bo over the way he handled Ciara’s kidnapping, packed her bags, and moved out — here’s a look back at the biggest issues that have plagued the pair over the years.1986: After their first wedding in 1985, Bo and Hope moved into the Kiriakis mansion with Bo’s biological father, mob lord Victor. Hope wasn’t happy with the way Bo was changing to please Victor. As a result of the stress, she ended up miscarrying. It caused a serious rift between the duo.

1994: Gina, a dead ringer for Hope, was discovered at Maison Blanche and eventually proved to be Bo’s long-believed-dead wife. Although she wanted her husband back, Bo had moved on with Billie and married her. Eventually, Billie realized Bo had unresolved feelings for Hope and left Salem. Bo and Hope slowly found their way back to each other and planned to remarry. However, Billie’s meddling mother, Kate, was scheming against them. Shortly before their big day, Kate arranged for Hope to find Bo and Billie in a compromising position. Hope assumed the worst, called off the wedding, and became involved with Franco.

1999: Stefano kidnapped Hope and transformed her into look-alike art thief Princess Gina via a chip he’d implanted inside her during her years at Maison Blanche. Under his manipulation, Hope kidnapped John from his honeymoon with Marlena and turned him evil. The two made love on a yacht; then Stefano arrived, and he and Hope made love, too. By the time Bo rescued Hope, she was pregnant with a child he knew wasn’t his, causing him major stress. In the end, it turned out that Bo and Hope had had one intimate encounter that led to her pregnancy, although neither of them remembered it.2002: Hope’s first husband, Larry Welch, decided he wanted revenge against his ex for leaving him, so he kidnapped her and Zack. Billie was in cahoots with Larry, but had no idea what he was actually planning. When evidence mounted that Hope was dead, Bo refused to believe it. Eventually, he rescued Hope and appeared to kill Larry in the process. It turned out that Larry was very much alive, and started “haunting” Hope. Then he plotted to have Bo killed by blackmailing his cousin, Colin, into murdering him. Bo outsmarted Colin and survived, while Larry ended up finally meeting his maker.

2005: Things got rocky for Bo and Hope when it was discovered that Bo and Billie’s daughter, Georgia, who they believed had died at birth, was actually alive and living in Salem. It turned out that she was Abby’s friend, Chelsea, who had been adopted by the Bensons. Guilt-ridden over not being there while Chelsea was growing up, Bo gave in to her every whim, creating strife between him and Hope.2006: Tragedy struck when Bo lent Chelsea his car on New Year’s Eve, and she ended up accidentally running down and killing her half brother, Zack. When Hope learned Bo’s part in the tragedy, and that he kept it from her, she left her husband. Hope turned to her friend Patrick for comfort, and ended up spending one passionate night with him. When she turned up pregnant, Patrick manipulated paternity tests to reveal that he was the baby’s father. Bo was devastated. In the end, a guilty Patrick admitted what he’d done, and Bo and Hope reconciled in time for the birth of their daughter, Ciara.2008: The visions Bo began having after taking a fall at home intensified when he saw Hope shooting his sister, Kayla. Instead of sharing his thoughts with Hope, he worked overtime to keep her and Kayla apart. But when Hope came to Kayla’s rescue during a hospital hostage situation, she accidentally shot her sister-in-law. Kayla recovered, but Hope was furious at Bo for not warning her about what he’d seen, insisting that the whole incident could have been prevented. Hope made Bo swear to come clean with her about all of his future visions from that day forward.

2009: When Ciara was abducted, a desperate Hope wanted to give in to the kidnappers’ every demand to get her daughter back. Bo, on the other hand, thought it was best to go by the book and follow police procedure, insisting that ransom payments rarely resulted in a positive outcome. Their opposing views caused tension between the couple. In the end, Ciara was rescued, but not before witnessing two violent shootouts. Hope blamed Bo for the psychological toll it took on their little girl, and left him.

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