Tune-In Alert!

DAYS To Air Special April Fool’s Episode

Tune in to today’s episode of DAYS for an hour of April Fool’s Day fun. Head Writer Ron Carlivati previews what to expect:

“We had done an April Fool’s episode before and it’s really fun,” begins Head Writer Ron Carlivati. “We didn’t get to do our Halloween episode this year, mainly because of Covid, so when it came to April Fool’s, we decided to do that again. I turned to [Creative Consultant] Ryan Quan, because he’s a genius, to write the episode, and he and I worked together on a concept of the throughline for the day. So it’s a lot of fun. Even though it’s an April Fool’s prank and it’s not real, there is one thing that happens so that this episode will affect story going forward, one thing that happens that may actually be real.”

Carlivati enjoys being able to script something a little more offbeat. “Yes, it’s an opportunity to be outrageous, but it’s also to have some fun and let the actors do something different than they normally do, or play an extreme version of what they normally play,” he points out. “I think it’s fun for them. It’s fun for the writers to do something different than we do everyday, and hopefully it’s fun for the audience to watch something a little different than the standard soap opera that we put on every day. So it is just a chance to take a little break, have a little fun and sometimes break the fourth wall. I really enjoyed it a lot.”

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