Christel Khalil dishes about her personal style

What products do you use on your hair? “I actually make my own hair oil because I deal with a lot of heat damage at work from getting my hair blow-dried and curled all of the time and I couldn’t find a deep conditioner that made my hair feel soft. So I researched different oils and started making my own, and I use it like a hair mask. It also hydrates my dry ends and curls and even works as a body oil, too.”

What styling tools do you use for your hair? “I use a one-inch curling iron wand. I’ll let my hair air-dry, then take a wand through it just to make my curls look more cohesive. I’ll also use a flat iron around my hairline to smooth it a bit. I like to use ghd hairstyling tools because they’re made of ceramic, so they’re not as harsh on your hair.”

What beauty product always goes with you? “ChapStick. I’m a ChapStick addict. I also like ILIA’s tinted lip balm but I love some good old ChapStick. I don’t usually like flavored ChapStick, although Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Lip Balm is pretty great.”

What beauty product would you be sad to see discontinued? “Right now, I’m really loving Herbivore Coco Rose Body Polish. It contains coconut oil, shea butter and sugar. I use it in the shower and once you get out of the shower, you don’t have to apply a ton of moisturizer because your skin already feels really soft. I’d be very sad if they discontinued that.”

Is there a current beauty trend that you’ve experimented with? “A friend of mine started using colored eyeliner and I was like, ‘That looks so cute.’ It’s the Maybelline brand, so I love going into the drugstore and picking out some fun colors, like neon yellow and red. It’s bringing back the ’90s.”

What products do you splurge on? “I’ll definitely splurge on clean brands like [M.A.C] Aaliyah and Milk Makeup.”

What do you use to remove makeup? “I just use jojoba oil. I get really good organic, cold-pressed jojoba oil and I massage that into my face for about two minutes; massaging your face also brings some blood flow. And then I take a wet towelette and wipe the makeup right off.”

What do you typically wear when you’re not at work? “I like to keep it pretty casual, so I’ll wear flowy dresses. I also love linen, especially when it’s so hot. I like to wear maxi skirts with a knotted shirt.”

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet? “I just bought this black, summery kind of dress from Sézane. It’s very soft and comfortable, so I could lounge in it all day.”

What are your favorite online stores? “One is DISSH []. It’s an online store with a really good price point, and the clothes are made with very good quality materials. I also love INTERMIX [], so I’ll go on there, peruse and spend all of my money [laughs].”

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