Check Out Ryan Carnes’s (Lucas, GH) Romantic Comedy

Credit: JPI

La Boda de Valentina, a romantic comedy Ryan Carnes (Lucas, GH) shot in 2016, was just released on DVD. “I was drawn to this movie because when I read the script, I thought it was really funny, one of the funniest scripts I’d read in a long time,” Carnes says. “The characters were really well-defined and they all had such life. I’d never done a romantic comedy and I wanted that challenge; I thought it would be fun to do and based on the script, I thought, ‘If we do this well, this could be a really funny movie and really fun to shoot.’ And I was right! It was so much fun to shoot, one of the best experiences on a film set I’ve ever had and I worked with incredible people, really talented people, and I couldn’t have been happier.” In the flick, Carnes plays “an American, so I didn’t have to speak Spanish for the role. My character, Jason, is a romantic, an idealist, and I think a bit naive. He is engaged to the title character, a Mexican girl, Valentina, and they have this very romantic, story-book relationship. On paper, the two characters look great together, they look exactly right for each other, and then Valentina has to go back to Mexico to deal with a family issue and she doesn’t really tell my character what it is. It seems a big strange and she doesn’t come back when she said she was going to, so Jason goes after her, both because he’s a chivalrous guy and because he’s concerned about something he found online about her family. So he gets to Mexico City, this booming, buzzing, crazy metropolis. He’s very much a fish out of water and he gets embroiled in a love triangle and ultimately, Valentina has a decision to make because there is a wedding coming up. The name of the movie is Valentina’s Wedding — somebody’s getting married!” To purchase the film, click here.

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