Character Vs. Actor: Marcus Coloma

Who is more intimidated by Sonny Corinthos? “Oh, that’s hilarious. I don’t think either one of us is! There is a reckless side to Nikolas, and obviously Sonny is a mob boss and physically, Sonny has proven that he can handle Nikolas. Still, I think there is zero intimidation because Nikolas is just like, ‘I will die before I let you intimidate me!’ And as Marcus, I just absolutely love Maurice [Benard, Sonny].”

Who is more romantic? “I think Nikolas. Yeah. I tend to be very loving in a relationship, but what I love about Nikolas is that he will do these incredibly romantic gestures — he’ll set up a romantic evening with dinner and candles and a whole spread. And I don’t necessarily do that.”

Who is more fun at a party? “I think I would be more fun at a party. I think with Nikolas, you would always have to be like, ‘Is this guy going to try to kill me?’ There’s always an ulterior motive and a hidden agenda. He’s got a very twisted take on life.”

Who has a cooler job? “I guess I do because what does Nikolas even do? He is kind of involved with his company, but he doesn’t work a lot.”

Who is funnier? “Me, for sure. Nikolas has his moments but he’s been so stressed out, he’s just not as playful. Maybe one day!”

Who dresses better? “I like my style better. We have such different styles and mine is more comfortable.”

Who is a better dad? “Oh, no question, I’m a better dad. You could almost go one-for-one opposite — anything Nikolas would do, I would do the opposite, and that’s why I’m such a good dad.”

Who has a worse temper? “Nikolas does, and it’s because he has so much stress in his personal life. And I actually do feel that when I’m in a heavy storyline. Nikolas is very emotionally volatile.”

Who is a better cook? “I don’t know if Nikolas has ever cooked anything in his life! So it’s me, by default.”

Who is a better judge of character? “Me by far. Nikolas almost always misjudges people! That’s a big weak spot for him.”

Who lives in a cooler home? “I don’t have a moat, but Wyndemere is so dark, I don’t think I’d actually want to live there. The place is so dark and not much light, fun stuff has happened there. I have a much smaller, modest place, but it’s very light and bright and there’s a lot of creative energy in the place. But if the question is cooler, I guess Wyndemere wins. But it seems like a very dangerous place to live!”