Chad Brannon Back To GH!

Chad Brannon, who won a Daytime Emmy for his work as Zander during his original, 2000-04 run as Zander Smith, is making a return appearance slated to air in March. According to Entertainment Weekly, which broke the news, he’ll begin taping on February 12. (Zander was shot dead in 2004, and the show is keeping mum about whether his return will be a ghostly one.) In 2009, Brannon made a one-day comeback in the role of Aaron, who met Rebecca Shaw on her way out of town. Rebecca, fans will recall, was played by Natalia Livingston, who had previously played Emily, a love interest for Zander. As for Zander’s ties to the current Port Charles canvas, he is the father of Elizabeth’s firstborn son, Cameron, who was named after Zander’s late father, Cameron Smith, who was played by Lane Davies. For more, click here.