Briana Lane (Brook Lynn, GH) shares her top recommendations

Podcast: “Song Exploder. It’s a podcast where you listen to artists break down the making of their songs, and it’s so fascinating to see how much goes into a song coming together! I also love Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang. It is the funniest podcast, if you’re looking for a laugh.”

App: “Yummly! It’s basically a cooking app that has all these recipes, but it refines your search results based on your dietary needs and things like that.”

Kitchen Gadget: “I just bought an Instant Pot, which I’m obsessed with, and I’ve been using all the Instant Pot recipes on the Yummly app and it has been awesome for quarantine. I have made broccoli, steamed, in two minutes. I went to a farm recently and got all this produce and put it in the pot and made ratatouille in five minutes! It’s insane! It has saved me so much time in the kitchen and I’m now eating healthier than I was before.”

Movie To Stream On Hulu:Palm Springs with Andy Samberg is so good. It’s like a play on Groundhog Day and it takes place in Palm Springs and it is such a joy to watch. I highly recommend that movie.”

Show To Stream On Amazon Prime: “I have been loving KILLING EVE so much. It’s just incredible — the acting, the story, the strong female characters. There’s a sense of danger, there’s comedy; it’s as funny as it is dangerous.”

Musician: “Lately, I’ve been super-into Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten and Hamilton Leithauser. It’s all indie rock; I’m a huge indie rock fan. I’ve also been listening to a lot of Webley Edwards. He does, like, 1960s Hawaiian music. If you’re making food or cocktails with your family or just relaxing on a Sunday, put a little Wedley Edwards on in the background and you’ll feel like you’re transported to Hawaii.”

Comedian: “John Mulaney is my absolute favorite; his specials are amazing. Also, Chloe Fineman. She’s on SNL, but she’s also on Instagram and her impersonations are incredible.”

Book:On The Road by Kerouac. I’m a Jack Kerouac kinda gal! I just love his weird phrasing of words, his imagery, his outlook on life. It makes me want to get on the road and get out of town!”

Fitness Gear: “I bought a Sweat Bed on Amazon for, like, $65 because I used to go to Shape House and hot yoga all the time [to] sweat, so I wasn’t getting the sweat I needed after my workouts. It is incredible. Just Google ‘sweat bed’ or ‘sauna bed’ and then lie on your bed and listen to a podcast and sweat everything out!”

Home Workouts: “I have been doing Ryan Heffington’s dance classes on Instagram. He had Emma Stone as a guest once and he’s just amazing. His classes are for all levels of dancers and they’re just so fun.”