B&B's Wagner Reunited With Daughter

It's a real-life story that could rival any soap opera's: Jack Wagner (Nick, B&B; ex-Frisco, GH et al) was recently reunited with his biological daughter, Carrie, 23, while on a Florida cruise. On November 17, Wagner performed in a concert on the ship with fellow GH alum Rick Springfield (ex-Noah). While they were backstage, Wagner was approached by the young woman, who revealed that she's his daughter whom he'd given up for adoption in the late '80s. She showed him a photo of her biological mother, whom the actor recognized. The next night, Wagner invited Carrie on stage with him and revealed to the audience that he'd "been" with her mother back in the day; the woman then called him nine months later to inform him that she'd had his baby, but was giving her up for adoption. Carrie was raised in a foster home, but had hired a private investigator to find her biological parents. Wagner also has two sons with ex-wife Kristina Wagner (ex-Felicia, GH): Peter, 21 and Harrison, 16.