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Credit: JPI and Shutterstock

 Student Council: Tajh Bellow (TJ), Brook Kerr (Portia) and Josh Swickard (Chase)

Favorite Subject

Bellow: “Probably English.”

Kerr: “Geometry. It really spoke to me for some reason.”

Swickard: “Spanish.”

Least Favorite Subject

Bellow: “I didn’t care for my history classes too much.”

Kerr: “Art class. It’s really hard for me to get the ideas in my head onto a piece of paper and as a young person, that frustrated me.”

Swickard: “Math.”

Favorite Extracurricular Activity

Bellow: “Playing tennis. I was on the tennis team in high school. Loved competing with my team.”

Kerr: “Kickball was my jam. I don’t know if anybody plays it anymore, but in middle school we’d play it during recess and I was so good. I was like, ‘Why isn’t this a sport?!’ ”

Swickard: “Show choir.”

Favorite School Supply

Kerr: “School supplies are my favorite thing in the world. Mechanical pencils! I had to have them all. I thought they were genius. I still love them.”

Swickard: “I loved a good Trapper!”

Class Clown Or Teacher’s Pet?

Bellow: “Neither. I’d put myself right in the middle.”

Kerr: “Teacher’s pet was the goal. I would try to be in the teacher’s good graces and save my clowniness for the hallways.”

Swickard: “I was a little bit of both. I like to get a laugh but I would also, like, offer shoulder massages for good grades [laughs].”

School Portrait: Frame It, Burn It, Or Post It Online?

Bellow: “Yeah, we can just burn it.”

Kerr: “In my 20s, I would have been mortified by it, but now, I’d put it up in my house or post it.”

Swickard: “Frame it and keep it in the house.”

Detention: Rarely, Regularly Or Never?

Bellow: “Never.”

Kerr: “Rarely.”

Swickard: “Rarely.”

Study Ahead Or Cram For A Test?

Bellow: “I was the blessed crammer. I could just knock it out, show up and get a good grade.”

Kerr: “Yeah, I crammed.”

Swickard: “Unfortunately, I crammed.”

Honor Roll Or Just Scraped By?

Bellow: “Honor roll. Always honor roll.”

Kerr: “I would say I would just scrape by. I was never on the honor roll. I was like, ‘I’m not going to deal with all the extra stress to get an A+.’ ”

Swickard: “Once my car insurance was on the line from my parents, I turned into honor roll.”

Prom Night: A Bust Or A Blast?

Bellow: “A blast.”

Kerr: “A blast.”

Swickard: “A bust.”

Reunion: Attend It Or Skip It?

Bellow: “I’m actually deciding that right now, because my reunion is next year.”

Kerr: “I attended the first one, but beyond that, I skipped it.”

Swickard: “I skipped it.”

Where Is Your Diploma Now?

Bellow: “I basically graduated from high school after sophomore year; I took a test to be emancipated in my career — not from my family, but to be treated as an adult on set — and it’s with me in my room in a nice professional folder.”

Kerr: “I got a GED and it’s in my closet.”

Swickard: “I have no idea.”

In High School, My Dream Career Was:

Bellow: “What I’m doing right now.”

Kerr: “Pediatric nurse.”

Swickard: “I wanted to be a music producer. I wanted to be Linc [laughs]!”