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2022 Fall Preview


“Keep watching,” says Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell. “It is going to be a great November through the holidays. We have some real big twists coming up and bombs to be dropped.”

Brooke/Ridge/Taylor: “We just learned that Thomas is the one stirring the pot and called Child Protective Services. So that is really what’s keeping Brooke and Ridge apart, along with this appreciation that Ridge has developed for Taylor. He really realizes that he has this other family that took second place to Brooke for a lot of his life, so he’s ready to commit to Taylor. The question is if and when Ridge finds out the truth, would that be enough to bring him back to Brooke at this point? Ridge’s heart is divided; he’s never going to forget Brooke. At some point,  there will be a wedding in the future and it can only be with one woman. We have a real surprising conclusion to this story.”

Brooke: “Brooke is charming and men find her irresistible. Bill certainly always has this incredible, deep crush on Brooke, and Deacon is madly in love with her. Could there ever be a Brooke and Liam coupling? She betrayed Bridget years ago. To do that again, I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but it’s something that would weigh very heavily on Brooke. So which man will Brooke end up with is yet to be seen, but it’s coming up this November, which will be a November to remember.”

Katie/Carter: “Carter and Katie are connecting. Carter is going to find in Katie the antithesis of what his relationship with Quinn was. It’s going to lead with the mind and the heart and not with other parts of the anatomy. They’re really going to find something special. It’s certainly a friendship and how far it goes, we shall see.”

Liam/Hope/Thomas: “Hope wants to believe that Thomas is rehabilitating himself, that he’s being a better father to their son, so she’s giving him a bit of a benefit of the doubt. We can see that Thomas’s interest in her is piquing again. He’s done a string of bad things, so could Hope ever fall for this guy? Hope is our heroine and she is very committed and in love with Liam, but their marriage is going to be put to the test again by Thomas.”

Steffy/Finn: “Steffy and Finn are going to have a new challenge. Everyone believes that Sheila is dead, but at some point, Sheila is going to be a challenge again for Steffy and Finn and they’re going to work together to deal with his mother and her mother-in-law, who shot them both. For some reason, Sheila believes that there’s another chapter yet ahead for her, but Steffy and Finn are determined to see that that chapter will be played out with her behind bars.”

Sheila/Deacon: “Well, they’re an odd couple. Allowing Sheila to live with him is a big mistake, so he needs to get her out. But there’s something about Sheila that’s charismatic, and despite everything, Deacon’s caught in her web right now. But he is about to make a very significant move that will change Sheila’s life forever.”

Wyatt: “We will definitely be seeing more of Wyatt. We have a Spencer family story coming up, which Wyatt will be a part of.”

Paris/Zende: “After the wedding that didn’t go off, Paris has lost all interest in Carter and she’s very interested in Zende now. They’re going to be a part of this fashion story that’s coming up, and we’ll see if they connect and finally find the romance they have been looking for.”

Bill/Li: “We’re going to see more of Bill and Li. I’m looking forward to having a great story for Don [Diamont, Bill], which will be kicking off in November. I think they have great chemistry.” As for Jack, “the character is great because he’s such an instigator. For the time being, there’s a strain between him and Li, but Jack could appear at any moment in that story.”

Donna/Eric: “I think everybody was certain that Donna was going to have a painting of her in her lingerie above the fireplace and she surprised everyone. She doesn’t want to control Eric; they’re having a wonderful, mature relationship. They’re living their life and enjoying each other’s company, but there will be some complications, as well.”


Head Writer Ron Carlivati previews what’s ahead in Salem.

EJ/Ava: “EJ has banished Ava from Salem, and he thinks he’s won, but Ava enlists a surprising ally to seek revenge against EJ, and they target his Achilles’ heel. However, EJ’s not one to back down from a fight, and he and Ava engage in a ruthless game of one-upmanship. Their twisted battle quickly escalates — and ends up having deadly consequences for those around them.”

Paulina/Sloan/Chanel: “Paulina believes she’s neutralized Sloan and her client [see page 9 for more]. So they think the crisis has passed as they wait for the results for the governor’s race to come in. When the results come in, there’s a reversal of fortune, let’s just say, and Chanel’s secret is out in a big way.”

Johnny/Wendy: “Wendy wants to know what her brother may or may not be up to. Johnny wants to know what his father may or may not be up to, so they team up. They know Rolf is involved, so they’re going to track down Rolf to get the proof that EJ and Li were responsible for Stefan’s brainwashing, so they sneak away and leave town.”

Chloe/Stefan/Gabi/Li: “Gabi and Li’s wedding is approaching. Before that, we continually put Stefan into her path and they continue to antagonize each other. Stefan is programmed to hate her, but those passionate feelings keep coming to the surface. Gabi tries to be done with him and is throwing herself whole hog into this relationship with Li Shin, but we know that’s easier said than done for her. And in the meantime, Stefan is getting closer to Chloe.”

Xander/Sarah: “Xander gets in a big fight with Victor, which causes him and Sarah to move into a motel. He wants to prove himself to Sarah that he can provide for her and he can be a worthy husband, so he’s a little bit tempted to return to his shadier ways in order to keep Sarah in this manner to which she has become ‘accustomed’, and it leads him to make questionable choices.”

Steve/Kayla: “In BEYOND SALEM, we had Kayla caught up in the adventure and mission with Steve and we wanted to kind of capture a little bit of that here. So Tripp’s life is in danger, Steve is about to go off on this mission to try to rescue him, and Kayla says, ‘I’m going with you.’ So we get to have a little fun of seeing how they work together on this mission and get themselves into some trouble and some fun hijinks on their way to go rescue Tripp.”

Alex/Stephanie/Chad: “Chad isn’t over Abigail and told Stephanie he’s not ready and doesn’t know when he’ll be ready for something, so she’s drawing a little bit closer to Alex and maybe trying to give him a chance and a little bit of the benefit of the doubt. We’ll see on the flip side if Chad has any regrets that he sort of missed his chance.”

Rafe/Nicole/Eric/Jada: “We have this weird kind of quadrangle going on and then complicated it more by having Rafe and Jada work together, and Eric and Nicole now working together. So Nicole and Eric are struggling mightily to fight off the feelings that they’re having for each other, and we’re coming to the point where it becomes almost undeniable. Is Nicole willing to blow up her marriage, and if so, can she and Eric finally be together? And Jada is a wild card in that.”


It’s going to be a jam-packed month in Port Charles, according to Co-Head Writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O’Connor.

Anna/Valentin/Victor: “Victor has sent Anna up a creek, but her friends — Robert, Mac and Felicia — won’t leave her there. Valentin finds an unlikely ally to aid him and Anna in her time of need. Holly is involved, too, but is she Anna’s friend or foe?”

Robert/Holly: “Robert has stars in his eyes when he sees Holly, but do those stars blind him to the truth of her return?”

Laura: “Laura forges an uneasy alliance in an effort to protect her family.”

Carly/Drew: “Schemes past and present may force Carly and Drew to throttle back on their budding relationship. Nina catches Carly in a compromising position, which could force Carly to come clean about some secrets she is keeping.”

Sonny: “Sonny provides vital assistance to aid a dear friend in her time of need. Sonny entrusts Dex with an important task, but it may just prove [to be] Sonny’s undoing.”

Nina: “Nina has been growing increasingly suspicious of the nature of Willow and TJ’s relationship and her suspicions risk Willow’s secrets coming out into the open.”

Ava/Nikolas/Esme: “Esme is locked up in the tower [at Wyndemere] and works feverishly to improve her circumstances while Nikolas tries to prevent anyone from discovering his prisoner — and he is also trying to keep his wife in his life. Ava has to make a decision about the future of her marriage and she is not one who is usually inclined to forgive and forget. Her choice will certainly be affected by the other secrets that Nikolas has been keeping from her.”

Spencer/Trina: “Trina’s relationship with Rory arrives at a crossroads while Spencer languishes in prison. But Spencer is not alone in Pentonville — Cyrus has his eyes on him, and Victor does, too.”

Sam/Dante: “On Spinelli’s behalf, Sam continues looking into Cody’s past, which may dovetail with a secret Dante has been keeping of his own.”

Elizabeth/Finn: “Elizabeth’s search for answers about her past brings her, at long last, face-to-face with her parents. When Elizabeth does return home to Port Charles, it is with information that will rock her and Finn’s relationship.”

Britt/Cody: “Just as things are beginning to look up for Britt, her past catches up with her. The genuine feelings that Cody is developing for Britt seriously hinder his efforts to seize his birthright.”

The Hook: “Alexis plays a dangerous game with a killer — and The Hook has another Port Charles resident in their crosshairs.”

Jordan/Curtis/Portia:“As Curtis and Portia choose a date for their nuptials, Jordan is increasingly uneasy about keeping Portia’s secret. A visit from the PCPD sends the Robinson family reeling.”

Michael/Willow: “Michael has devoted a considerable amount of bandwidth to taking down Sonny once and for all. Unfortunately, this has left him missing out on the fact that something is going on with Willow. And those two aspects of his life collide in a surprising way.”

Chase/Brook Lynn: “Brook Lynn faces a crisis of conscience when her goal to take down Linc conflicts with Chase’s long-term goals for his own future.”

Cameron/Josslyn/Dex: “Josslyn and Cameron are growing up and growing apart. They still deeply care for one another, but they may find that they are no longer suited for each other, all of which is complicated by the very inconvenient feelings Joss is developing for Dex.”

Austin/Maxie: “As Maxie and Austin’s relationship continues to progress, Austin will be forced into an uncomfortable position by his cousin, Mason.”

Sasha: “Sasha has certainly been put through the wringer for this past year. She is still dealing with the fallout from Brando’s tragic passing. There are many unanswered questions about her guardianship and what agency she retains in her life. It will become further complicated as a familiar face assumes the role of her guardian.”

Alley Mills’s Character: “Alley Mills makes her debut as a character with strong ties to and history with many of our beloved residents of Port Charles.”

Thanksgiving: “There will be a very traditional GENERAL HOSPITAL Thanksgiving, with added twists. One story, in particular, will really catch fire. It would be a poor choice to miss those Thanksgiving episodes!”


“It’s a November to remember on YOUNG AND RESTLESS, filled with long-awaited returns and shocking moments!” promises Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith.

Adam/Sally/Nick: “Nick and Adam’s feud over Sally will force Victor’s hand to step in when their rivalry threatens to jeopardize the family business, Newman Enterprises. Victor will not allow anyone or anything to tarnish his legacy.”

Victor/Nikki/Tucker/Ashley: “Nikki’s determination to uncover Tucker and Diane’s connection will lead Victor to do an investigation of his own to uncover Tucker’s motives for returning to Genoa City. Ashley and Tucker’s game of cat and mouse will keep both of them on their toes as they second-guess their feelings for each other.”

Ashley/Nikki/Phyllis: “ ‘The Trifecta’ will confront Diane with the ammunition they think will get her out of town. This confrontation will open Pandora’s box to a web of secrets revealing that Diane’s time in Los Angeles is a lot more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.”

Kyle/Summer/Diane/Jack/Phyllis: “Diane will continue to work overtime to regain both Kyle and Jack’s trust.  As Jack struggles with his feelings for Diane, he takes a big risk to protect Kyle from once again being hurt by his mother. Meanwhile, Diane and Phyllis’s conflicts may drive a wedge between Kyle and Summer’s marriage as they take sides.”

Chelsea/Billy/Lily: “Chelsea’s friends, especially Billy, support her during her time of need. This will test Lily’s patience when she feels Billy’s friendship with Chelsea is taking precedence over their relationship.”

Nate/Elena: “Nate deals with the fallout from his deceit while adjusting to his new role in the business world. He will have his work cut out for him as he tackles his toughest assignment — repairing his relationship with Elena. Thanks to Nate’s deception, Devon and Lily will stand firm in their decision to cut ties with him.”

Mariah/Tessa: “Mariah and Tessa’s love is stronger than ever as they prepare to start the next chapter of their life — motherhood.”

Chance/Abby: “Chance’s career will continue to cause friction between him and Abby, and bring up old wounds between the couple, leading to a shocking turn of events.”

Daniel: “Phyllis is thrilled when Daniel returns home in time for the holidays. She will soon learn how much Daniel’s life has changed during his time away from Genoa City.”