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Y&R's Morrow Reacts To Backlash

While Joshua Morrow (Nick, Y&R) was guesting with longtime co-star Sharon Case (Sharon Y&R) on THE TALK on September 26, the actor said about their characters, "I truly believe in my heart that they belong together." In response, Morrow's TV wife Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) tweeted: "I totally hope @JoshuaMorrowYR gets to play the story he wants. He's a doll and it has totally been my pleasure working with him everyday:)." However, Morrow's on-air comment apparently ruffled some feathers as he later took to Twitter to say, "I bothered some people 2day & my amazing co star @TheRealStafford by sayin I thot Nick&Sharon belong 2gether - Red Tornado ya know I love ya." Morrow later followed that up with, "I hurt a very good friend today....its not a great feeling."

Update: Stafford later hoped to put an end to any misunderstanding by posting, "And for all u Tweeps who think I am mad at @JoshuaMorrowYR or am hurt by him...get over it... I forever have mad love for him..."

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