Winsor Harmon's Top Five B&B Moments

Winsor Harmon has portrayed Ridge’s brother, Thorne, on B&B since 1996. Here, Harmon takes a quick jaunt down memory lane to recall his top moments on the show.

1. “This current one with Taylor is THE top storyline for me without a doubt,” enthuses Harmon. “This is absolutely been the best ever, by far. It just keeps getting trickier and trickier as time goes on. It’s wild. I step back and think of it at night when I’m reading the lines and I’m like, ‘Jesus, if this was really in real life and this secret’s out there that’s pretty explosive,’ just for the simple fact that his mother even knows this secret and is not telling him. And I’m sure Ridge is going to find out. You can just imagine the fallout this could bring, so it’s fun. The more we build this up now the more fun it will be when it actually explodes!”

2. “I’d say the second one was when Thorne’s biological father chose him over Ridge. I thought that was very dramatic and powerful.”

3. “When I first joined the show, I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline with Lily Melgar, who played Claudia, and George Alvarez, who was playing Enrique. He was working for us, and I was protecting her from the INS and it was a really good ‘from different sides of the tracks’ storyline. You’ve got your Beverly Hills guy and you’ve the girl who lives out in East L.A. and it’s total Romeo and Juliet. It was such a great storyline. I loved it, and we played it for about a year.

4. “Of course, my whirlwind romance with Brooke is in the top 5, because that took place in Venice so that was great, too. And I’m just a big fan of Kelly (Katherine Kelly Lang, Brooke). I love Kelly. We had so much fun working together and just being able to go to Italy and shoot for two weeks, going through the gondolas and the character proposing to her and… It was just romantic and beautiful and such a special thing to do as actors, especially in daytime. You don’t get to do that in daytime. Well, BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL does, but no one else really does. And to be in Venice, Italy and doing what you love to do as an actor. That’s the cream of the crop. It’s amazing stuff. It’s fun.”

5. “When Thorne found Macy alive back in Portofino. That was a blast. What was so fun about that storyline was that this guy was having all these feelings and then he finds his dead wife alive in the middle of Portofino and he chases her down to a light house. We had a blast shooting that on location. There were thousands of people out there watching it. It was just an amazing…and the story was great as well. All the location stuff it amazing for us.”