Vintage GUIDING LIGHT Weddings Gallery Page 4

After Roxie Shayne crashed Kurt and Mindy’s first nups, Mindy vowed to have the wedding of her dreams. Unfortunately, blue-collar Kurt didn’t have the cash. Mindy stumbled upon $10 million at Company (actually ransom money in Kyle Sampson’s kidnapping) and used the dough to make her fantasy come true. The bride and groom said “I do” at the Spaulding country estate, but things went downhill at the reception when a brainwashed Billy Lewis shot David Preston.

Wanting to receive his inheritance but needing a marriage certificate to do it, Alan-Michael found the perfect bride-to-be — Harley, who longed to live life in the Spaulding mansion. At first, Phillip tried to stop the engagement, but he ended up teaching Harley the ways of the upper crust. Viewers met Harley’s one-of-a-kind mom, Nadine Cooper, at the wedding.

The childhood sweethearts had several stabs at a relationship and a few marriages to others before finally tying the knot at their beloved Cross Creek.

Photos courtesy of CBS