Twitter Drama For B&B’s Tom

Heather Tom

Credit: Gilles Toucas/Courtesy of Bell-Phillip Television Productions Inc.

B&B’s Heather Tom (Katie) found herself in a Twitter exchange over the past two days that got out of hand. Things began when @BandB_Polls posted that Katie had been voted as the soap’s least likable female. Tom crafted a droll reply, pointing out that, “Ahhkmm…. 42 percent is not a majority… #pollssuck just ask Hillary and Donald!” She then added, “oops! My bad 48% -still, last time I checked, not a majority-I know, math is hard… ” When @BandB_Polls countered with, “no other actor complained about a poll result. Probably because they are adults,” other tweeters then weighed in with negative comments, prompting a heartfelt outpouring form the actress. Tom tweeted: “what I will say is I LOVE 100% of YOU!!! … Ur hate 4 my character really hurts me-I get that U don’t like Katie-that’s fine ur entitled to ur opinion, but ur comments are so personal … why would you want me to lose my job? That’s how I support my son-do U just want me 2 feel bad?” After she took a moment and stepped back, the actress then wrote, “Sorry for the sob show-feeling a little emotional this morning-just don’t know why things have 2 B so mean spirited-makes me not want 2post … People should remember that we read these things and I for one take my work really personally- you don’t have to like it but #wordsCanHurt … actually that’s what’s funny-I’ve NEVER had a bad experience w/my fans-always so positive! … maybe it’s not so easy 2 say hurtful things to someone’s face .” Scores of Tom’s fans rallied for the actress, prompting her to post, “Ok now I’m sitting here bawling because of all the sweet things you all are saying-thank you! It’s really made me feel better! #wordsCanHeal.” The five-time Daytime Emmy winner recently announced that she has re-upped with the show.