Tuesday Fast Five With Peter Bergman

Peter Bergman

Credit: JPI

Peter Bergman (Jack, Y&R) answers Digest’s five burning questions!

What book can you read over and over again?

“Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children.”

What singer or musical group would you love to see in concert?

“Aretha Franklin. I’ve met her but I’ve never seen her live. I think she has a phenomenal voice.”

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?

“Make coffee and read my first newspaper. I read a couple every day.”

What do you always keep in your fridge?

“Blueberry yogurt.”

What is your go-to comfort food?

“M&M’s. I can’t have the peanut kind around because I have no self-control with them. I can walk away from plain M&M’s, but put a bowl of peanut M&M’s in front of me and I won’t stop eating them — even when I’m stuffed. No restraint whatsoever.”