A Touch of Glass

“I had a ball,” smiles Pinter. “I was so pumped about it. Of course my family got so sick of hearing about it, because how many actors do their own stunt work? There are a lot of actors who say, ‘I do my stunt work,’ but they don’t. This was a kick for me. When (executive producer) Chris Goutman first told me about it, he said, ‘I know, I know, you want to do your own stunt.’ He knows me (laughs).”

But don’t worry, Pinter didn’t throw her body through real glass. “It’s breakaway glass,” she explains. “It has the same kind of weight as regular glass. It makes the same kind of noise. It just shatters as opposed to normal, window pane type glass, [which cracks].”

Pinter was glad she didn’t have a stunt double. “It was great fun,” she says. “We did it in one take. My instructions were, the minute I hit the deck to stay down until the end of the scene played out. I had to stay down with my face covered and keep my eyes closed and then after they cut, they had the stunt people and the EMT people — which I didn’t know were on the set — come over and make sure I was not cut to ribbons. Then they let me open my eyes and made sure I was okay, no cuts on the body, no cuts to the wardrobe. At that point, they released the ambulance that was outside, which I had no idea was going to be there, but that’s standard protocol. I was quite surprised.”

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